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We help brands enter the VR, AR and MR platforms through strategic conceptualization that adds brand value. Warpin offers strategy, tech, conceptualization, production and post-test measurements to our clients. A true one-stop-shop for any immersive communication need.

"VR is just like any other platform we've seen revolutionize the communication field: First there was the Internet, then mobile, after came social media and now we are preparing for what's to come with the immersive platforms"


– Caroline Roth

About us

Our mission is to be the strategic partner for innovative brands wanting to define their presence on the immersive platforms.

We are great believers in having a holistic perspective on VR/AR/MR, addressing it as a communications channel with great impact.

Our mantra is that content without context and distribution, is similar to setting a beautiful dinner table without inviting the guests.

What makes us unique is that we all have extensive experience from category leading brands and media houses – We know the business, and understand the hurdles. Most importantly however, is that we know how to conceptualize VR/AR/MR opportunities into something that build brand value.



    Co-founder & CSO



    Sales and influencer expert with numerous years in executive positions at leading publications in Sweden. A former gamer with years passed in dungeons playing Diabolo, Myst and Total Annihilation. VR-nerd with passion for 'closing

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  • Edward Lindqvist




    Technology evangelist from the investment side who lets balanced disruption be the guiding light. Table tennis enthusiast and office Mario Kart champ.

  • Patrik Buckau

    Co-founder & CTO



    Patrik has a legit tech background, latest from Spotify where he was managing teams working with big data and machine learning. Patrik thrives at the intersection of technology and business, and takes the word pragmatic to a different level.

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    Former Marketing Executive with a past at the Ralph Lauren headquarters in New York as well as Group CMO with GANT. Passionate brand advocate, a VR evangelist and a strategist with a faiblesse for innovation.

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We are proud to be surrounded by great talent in our advisory board. The board is built out to give us invaluable insight into tech, creativity and venture capital/finance

  • Andreas Thorstensson

    Tech partner at EQT Ventures and Head of Motherbrain

  • Ash Pournouri

    Founder of At Night Management, Symposium Sthlm, Brilliant Minds and Self Made. Also former manager of Avicii

  • Andreas Carlsson


  • Mark Boutros

Collaboration partners

  • We collaborate with Tobii Pro for any pre and post test of the content we create for our clients. They are market leading in eye tracking, emotional response and human behavior linked to VR exposure.

  • We are in the co-made network, that create high quality content on both traditional and new platforms.

  • Leading storytellers in VR, primarily 360° productions. Production collaboration based on a shared mission of delivering high quality content.

Our values

Our values define us, they make our company what is is. It’s our guiding principle towards recruitment, our behavior internally as well as our our promise towards our clients.

  • BOLD

    We are always striving to push the innovative boundaries, and exploring the unknown. We are not afraid to ask ourselves ’what if’, and we usually have the guts to pursue that route. Hey, we all left our high-fly jobs to deep-dive into the world of VR…

  • fun loving

    We love what we do and we are prepared to walk that extra mile to deliver great products to our clients. We care about having fun while we do it. The best results come from loving what you do.


    We have attention to detail, and we always have a strategic stance to our deliverables. We care about creating initiatives that resonates with a defined target audience and making sure it ticks all the pre-set KPI boxes.

We are inspired by one quote in our everyday life

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life"

– Confucious

what is immersive tech

Immersive tech is the bundling name for VR (Virtual Reality) AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality)

  • 360°

    360° is a spherical filmatization of reality. It is often referred to as VR light. It will allow the viewer to experience any location in full view. This is ideal for exact replicas of an event, fashion show or a concert.

    VR and 360° is best viewed with headsets (rangeing from premium headsets to volume ditto).

  • VR

    VR is a digitally rendered environment that allows the viewer to get fully immersed in a situation, location or feeling. VR gives the possibility to experience things and places you would never have access to, and allow you to feel things you wouldn’t subject yourself to in real life.

  • AR

    Think Pokemon Go. It allows the viewer to see a digital overlay on the reality through the camera lens. AR is best viewed with mobile (camera) or headset via Microsoft Hololens.

  • MR

    Mixed reality: A combination of VR and AR. is still in the frontiers and is currently not fully commercialized. This is definitely something we’re cooking up in our Warpin Lab (see services).

"I'm a gamer, I've been waiting for VR my whole life. It is my calling to make sure that more people can access it and enjoy it. When I meet clients and talk about this, my pulse is racing."


– Emma af Robson


Our uniqueness is owning the entire eco system:

  • Immersive Strategy definition and KPI setting
  • Conceptualization through value driving ideas based on strategy
  • Creative expertise and content creation through our Lab
  • Distribution via our network of influencers and media partners
  • Tech competence and customized immersive product development
  • Data capture and pre-/post test of content with appointed test panel
  • We are also mean table tennis players. That is not a service, that’s a threat.
  • LAB

    We research and develop tech products encompassing brand needs and consumer demands. With first class in house tech team we have resources to build out products for AR, VR, and MR.


    VR Strategy, conceptualization, distribution and measurements. Our agency capacity entails a creative point of view, an artistic approach and most importantly creating long lasting value for our customers.


    We continuously do R&D of the VR glasses that fit the demand. When we started there were no smartphone agnostic volume headset accessible to a wide audience. So we created the VR glasses, easily clipped on to any smartphone, allowing a mass market to access VR/360° clips from the phone.

    > Download product sheet VR glasses

We have end-to-end capabilities.

We help out with strategy, produce and create the content, manage distribution and measurements to ensure best possible effect. A one-stop-shop for immersive tech at your fingertips. A truly unique strategy to help brands with their VR initiatives.

"VR and AR is just the beginning, I'm truly excited to see what's to come with Mixed Reality. This is really a pivoting time for all tech entusiasts, and a time to take the red pill to allow oneself to see where this is all going. It's game changing."


– Patrik Buckau


For any press related matters, please contact our PR agency Spoil Concept.

Filippa Bejhed, Press SpoilConcept Communication
filippa.bejhed@spoilconcept.se +46 (0)73 445 95 25

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