Augmented Reality


We launched “ARrrrrgh”, a high resolution ARKit applicaton which turns your living room, garden or kids room into a virtual treasure seeker’s hunting ground.

Unlike most ARKit applications ARrrrrgh actually lets the players get immersed in the surrounding environment rather than place the objects as a layer on top. ARrrrrgh is a classic hide and seek game which turns the players into modern day pirates. With a very life like effect the players take turns digging a hole in the ground or the living room floor, to hide the treasure. The other pirate then sets out on a hunt for the treasure.

“When Apple released ARKit, we jumped at the opportunity to explore and push the boundaries of their new technology. The making of “ARrrrrgh” was an adventure in itself, full of learnings and insights. While we expect AR technology to improve rapidly in the near future, it was exciting to see that we could create an engaging experience with ARKit already says Patrik Buckau, co-founder and CTO of the company.

Goldmans Sachs predicts that the AR/VR business will amount to 85 billion dollars in 2025. The areas where this technology can be applied are endless. Immersive technology is already used in a wide array of industries such as real estate, retail, education, HR, medicine and healthcare etc.


”The technology in ARKIT makes it possible to maximise the experience in many different areas, not only gaming, says Patrik Buckau. Studies show that multidimensional experiences, such as VR, AR and MR, increase recall by 70% and emotional engagement by 34% compared to 2D experiences. Imagine what this can do for both education and business. This is just the beginning!”

Download the application from here: